Sex, massage, and human touch

 First off I would like to go on record as saying, I in no way, consider professional massage to be in any sort of way "sexual" in nature. Now with that being said, often times massage can be mistaken as a sensual or sexual experience because of the stigma that has been placed on the profession due to those individuals that have taken abuse of the power differential that is given to them through touch. We see all to often, headlines where there has been a massage parlor that has been busted for illegal prostitution. Within the confinements of their walls, they say that it is okay to be sexually interactive. Because of this, heteroerotic nature depicts the thought process behind what is and is not okay when it comes to touch, when in all reality, these actions are illegal and cause a bad reputation to those that are truly trying to help in the healing processes through touch. Physical touch has emotional and social connotations that often far outweigh anything that can be expressed in language. Many men and women become aroused by touching their significant other because touch in our society is linked to sexuality and violence, but rarely anything else. For this reason men are more commonly uncomfortable with their significant other, and even themselves being touched by a male massage therapist. Because the massage industry is dominated by females, there are many pre conceived notions about the men in this industry. The thought of your other half being in a room semi undressed with another individual of the opposite sex can create a sense of doubt, or can bring out insecurities in a relationship. While touch is perceived in mainstream as sexual, it is really a wonderful way to promote healing and health. A hug or touch can result in the release of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, and in a reduction of stress hormones. Massage should always be weighed by the results that both the client and practitioner want to achieve out of their session. Not all massage therapists are created equal, and for that we try not to let the wrongs done by one individual create a name for all of us in this industry. Want to know if the massage facility that you are visiting is legit? Here are some ways that you can tell whether or not you want to visit a location:
 1. What is the location considered?
 Although not concrete, if a location is considered a "massage parlor" chances are that there are some sketchy actions going on there.
 2. Ask to see their licenses!
 I proudly display my license for my clients to see, so as to overcome any doubt that they may have in their head.
 3. Look at what people have to say about them!
 Reviews are some of the best ways to figure out if that location is right for you, know that not every review is going to be the best, but take them at face value and see what the overall experience seemed to be!
 4. Be aware of your surroundings!
 If you ever see something that doesn't seem legit, stop the massage and report it immediately.
 5. Ask if they are members of any massage organizations.
 Not every massage therapist may be apart of a large organization, but chances are that they may be! The largest name in massage is the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association.)
April 08th 2019

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